Dentive & Kana Productions

Web & Production Experts

Media Package Pricing

Kana Productions offers the following services at an exclusive price for Dentive’s Partners:

  • Custom Website Build

  • Custom Photo/Video Shoot


The website cost is split into two charges: an initial payment of $2,500 and another $2,500 prior to going live. Afterward, hosting the site costs just $20/month, which also includes 2 hours of paid editing time per year. You can choose either of the above options. Dentive covers all travel expenses for the media team to visit your practice.


Apply & Schedule

Kana Production and Dentive have partnered to provide your practice with a beautiful, functional website that you’ll be proud of for years to come. We’ve designed a process that helps us collaborate effectively. Let’s get started!

1. Website Application

Our goal is to build a website that represents your practice completely and accurately — and looks great! The best way to achieve this is through close collaboration. Nobody knows your services or culture better than you. The website application helps us understand who you are, what you represent, who your patients are, and what services you offer. It’s also critical that we know who our key points of contact will be as well as who is responsible for final approval.

2. Photo + Video Shoot

Upon receipt of your Website Application, we will coordinate a time with the office manager and doctor for the custom photo and video shoot. Visit our Production Preparation page to ensure you and your staff are ready for us come our production appointment.

Web Development

After we’ve completed production at your practice, we’ll move into the website development stage. From there, you can expect to gain access to your edited content and home page preview, within 2-3 weeks from shoot day.

3. Homepage Design (2-3 Weeks)

Within 2-3 weeks of your Photo + Video Shoot being completed, we will provide a link to your homepage design.

You can view your current, up-to-date homepage design at any time – and leave feedback – using a free platform called Our team will automatically be notified of comments you leave and will respond with questions or to confirm changes have been made. Requested revisions will be back to you as quickly as possible — typically within 2 business days. We’re happy to utilize your preferred means of communication whether email, phone or text.

Once you approve the look of the homepage, we will continue building the rest of the pages. Keep in mind, you can continue to make further revisions or changes to homepage content right up until launch. The goal of step one is to nail down the visual style and key messages.

4. Website Build (4 Weeks)

Within 3-4 weeks of homepage approval, we’ll have built the additional pages on your site. We will alert you as pages are ready for review and you’ll use the same link that was provided for the homepage. Please pay special attention to details – including services, equipment, contact information, staff – as we are adapting information from your existing site. If any details are out-of-date, please let us know.

Your final website design timeline is dependent getting timely throughout the process.

5. Final Review & Testing (> 1 Week)

Once the site is completed, we recommend having several people help proof the text and offer user experience feedback. We will test the site on multiple devices and double-check things like forms to ensure they are operating properly.

Go Live!

Once we finish testing and receiving approval, we’ll typically have your site launched in 24-48 hours. After we have Google Analytics and other platforms properly connected, we’ll be need minor edits made moving forward. Please see Post-Launch Information below.


Examples of our Work


Photo + Video